Tuesday, December 8, 2009


VISITOR'S GUIDE TO LONDON by Heath Bunting 1995

Group Project by Christopher Delee, Brendan Abel, Justin Marking, & Kimberly Spann 2009

I really liked Christopher's, Brendan's, Justin's and Kimberly's group project. There's mostly appears to be inspired by Visitor's Guide to London by Heath Bunting 1995. All of their individual parts of the group project have the black and white backgrounds that are changed in some way so that they are not exactly realistic. Like Heath Bunting's website, each of their parts of the project take you to different places within what looks like one particular city. Heath Bunting's has people in it, but not main characters throughout like each of theirs has. I like the fact that theirs has main characters. I was attracted to that website even though I would normally find something with more color to be more appealing. I have pondered for a while to try to figure out what makes me like Heath Bunting's website so much out of the net.art history websites that I have looked at and I cannot quite put my finger on it. I liked their group project even more.

I enjoyed Christopher Delee's part with the little red Pac-Man ghost. The background photos look great and I like how his character stands out in red.

I liked how the wolf jumped around on this part of Brendan Abel's part of the project. I liked how it flipped back and forth going from small to large.
I liked how Justin Marking's fox seemed to fit into each scene so well. This one with the fox sleeping on the car was my favorite. I liked the slight movement of the fox's tail in the other scenes also. I just found the fox scenes very pleasing to look at.
I think that Kimberly Spann's flying bird is incredible. The bird's flapping wings move so smoothly. You can definitely tell that she put a lot of work into it. I also like how each time the bird stops, the feathers on the top of its head moves as if blown by a little wind. I also like how some of her backgrounds actually look drawn instead of just manipulated by PhotoShop.

I think that the way that this group got all of their characters together was very creative. I LOVE the thought bubbles with each of the characters thinking about where they had been and what they had done. I really did not notice any other websites from our history of Web-Based Art blogs besides the "Visitor's Guide to London" by Heath Bunting 1995 that this group project emulated. The only other websites that I looked at that had to do with Web-Based Art History that I could compare this group project to would be any that were mostly in black and white and that is the only comparison that I could make. I feel like that would not be a good aspect to base my comparison on. I knew that I would not be able to make the required three comparisons when choosing this group's project, but theirs in particular made me feel good when I explored it. It's not harsh, strange or scary. It is creative while still managing to be pleasant.

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