Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Color Balance" by John F. Simon, Jr. 1997

"Color Balance" by John F. Simon, Jr. 1997 is a fun interactive website to play with that allows you to find out which color is heavier. You can determine the size of the color. You can place different and numerous colors on either side of the scale. You can manipulate the color by sliding the red, green or blue bar back and forth. If you click on a particular color, you can make it disappear by clicking on square with the "do not" symbol on it. If you click on the square to the right of that button, you can totally clear it and start over again. This could help someone determine which color was bolder in a piece of art that they were creating no matter what type of medium they were using.

John F. Simon, Jr. was born in Louisiana in 1963 and now lives and works in New York. "Simon's background (he studied geology, cartography, he worked on the mapping of Mars for NASA) has certainly had an impact in fostering his on-going interest for the creation of systems which, translated into the artistic experience, outline the personality of an explorer of the complexity of human experiences." He has "been producing art professionally for almost 20 years beginning with hand and pen plotter drawings and progressing through Internet Art to finally arrive at my own practice of 'coding as creative writing'. The main way that I show my Software Art is through sculptural wall hangings with LCD screens that I call 'art appliances' and have made and sold since 1999." He was also one of the first Net artists to have a gallery according to Carly Berwick, senior editor on ARTnews.com. He "believes the code he writes is as personal as a painterly gesture on canvas, and he tries to make it as accessible to collectors."

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