Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ARTificial ART: Lines by Kurt Baumann 2001

ARTificial ART: Lines by Kurt Baumann 2001 "is made by the computer. It is a collection of programs. These programs use random numbers and generative art principles to make "art" automatically. There is often surprising contrast between the simplicity of the algorithms and the complexity of the resulting patterns." This is a fun website that makes pretty interesting abstract computer art. There are different links at the bottom of the page that takes the viewer to different types of ARTificial ART. If the viewer clicks on "exercise", they can view different exercises that different people did. When you click on the artist's name, a separate window pops up with their exercise that is interactive. There are other links at the bottom of the page that are worth checking out. The "alphabet" link takes you to different photos that have been uploaded by various people. The photos are of different letters of the alphabet that are noticeable as an alphabet by the way the photo was taken of an object. The "images" link has pretty images of computer abstract art.

Kurt Baumann was born in Switzerland in 1946. He studied Math, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Neurobiology and Art. He has developed software for small companies and international corporations. "Currently he is specializing in supporting artists, galleries and related organizations with computer and internet applications."

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