Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shredder 1.0 by Mark Napier 1998

Mark Napier has been a web design artist since 1995. "He combines his training as a painter with 15 years of expertise as a software developer to create 'art interfaces', software that addresses issues of authority, ownership and territory in the virtual world."

Shredder 1.0 is a website that creates art out of pages from the World Wide Web. Mark Napier takes "the current thinking of web design...that of the magazine, newspaper, book, or catalog" and "shreds" it into art. Mark Napier wants to change the way people "see" web pages. He takes the way we "see" the web and "presents this global structure as a chaotic, irrational, raucous collage. By altering the HTML code before the browser reads it, the Shredder appropriates the data of the web, transforming it into a parallel web. Content become abstraction. Text becomes graphics. Information becomes art." I like the Shredder 1.0 program that Mark Napier created. Before using his program, I never thought of a normal webpage as possibly be made into some sort of abstract art. I have tried different webpages in his program and some pages do turn out better than others. I would definitely recommend people to try Shredder 1.0, especially if that person is interested in any type of digital art.

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